We believe eskaping to the places you live and love, with people you care about, embiggens you as a person. Maybe you don’t have time for multi-day epic benders via bike; we think the greater challenge is how to balance the rest of your life with that desire to eskape that is in all of us. A 15-day tour is great and all, but 15 seconds is maybe more accessible. That’s what we’re after when we get out there: #15secondsofflow. We hope you find it with us, and that you go out there and find it yourself.

We made this site because we think the way we do things is liberating, but in an attainable way, and we want to spread the message that the bike life doesn't have to be guided by the Velominati's stupid rules or require you to quit your job and go on 90 day bikepacking ultra adventures down the spine of the Himapatagonirocky mountains. Bikes are fun. Let's have fun.  Sneak that fun in where you can.

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