Great Eskape 2019: Coming soon…


Until then…

You can rest assured we’ll be back for 2019 with the same fun-first, adventurous spirit as always and bringing that special magic recipe of chill, stoke, pumped, that the mid-atlantic scene has come to expect.

So what’s in store for Great Eskape in 2019? Will Great Eskape partner with only the most expensive high end cycling wear and refocus our attention on growing the next generation of world tour athletes? Will we dedicate ourselves to lobbying for the inclusion of e-bikes in amateur CX races? Will we abandon bike racing all together and enter the fray of competitive flip cup tournaments? Will we finally give in to the years of squiggly red lines under our name and change our name to Great Escape? Will we simply transcend time and space, spending a boundless eternity riding the circular and endless waves of time and space, passing through this very moment again and again at an interval that is both equally infinite and infinitesimal? Will we strive to meet our future potential if time is only a construct? If that future is the past and the past exists only in our biased and imperfect memory what does it mean to set and pursue goals as a bike racer, a human, a symbiotic writhing blob of homo sapiens sapiens and various mites, germs, bacteria, and spacedust? Will we simply acknowledge and accept that it is time to refer to the universe by its one and true only name: Windows 98 Second Edition?

To find out what’s in store for Great Eskape in 2019 check back here in January, and in the meantime follow us on instagram and tag us in your posts with #nonemorehype (or don’t, especially if you believe reality is a construct and nothing matters.)

Sponsorship or membership inquiries? Contact us! We love hearing from (and riding through the cross dimensional multiverse with) you:

Email: greateskap3 (at) gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greateskape/

And remember: there is no “cloud.”