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Alex Boyd's Pro(ish) Tips for DCCX

Andrew KarrComment
Alex Boyd's Pro(ish) Tips for DCCX

By Alex Boyd

(Editor's Note: Alex is team Great Eskape's wheelie champion and the living embodiment of our team motto, "Reckless in Pursuit of Glory." Last year at DCCX became (maybe) the first cat 5 racer to ride the barriers. Alex is unable to attend DCCX this weekend because he is a good son and it's his mom's birthday. He did however write the team a nice note with his words of unwisdom.) 

In my absence, I have put together some tips from my (one) years and years of racing experience.

  • Everything is rideable if you go fast and lean back. The pros know this. That's why they're pros. 
  • Dylan is always faster than you think he is, but he must be destroyed. Consider unorthodox tactics. 
  • On a totally unrelated note, did you know turning the bleed port screw to the left can dramatically change the braking characteristics of hydraulic brakes? Seems like a quick and easy way to gain an advantage over someone who sucks and totally deserves to lose but is faster than you. #themoreyouknow 
  • Your tire pressure is wrong.
  • You should ride that log, because these children are coming for you
  • "Be the rider making motorcycle noises you wish to see in the world" -Gandhi or something
  • If you see cross getting less weird, do something about it. The only thing necessary for the triumph of fuckin' jocks is for good kooks to do nothing. 
  • The food from that barbecue truck last year was garbage. Stick to beer. 
  • If the only Pro that matters is there, please buy her a beer for me. Ask all the other pros what tire pressure they're running, then tell them it's wrong. You're a local. You should know. 

Y'all are the best. Please embarrass yourselves and the sponsors. 

Yours in recklessness and glory,


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