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A Holiday Shopping List for the Eskape Artist in your Life

gearKevin SundeenComment
A Holiday Shopping List for the Eskape Artist in your Life

We're less than two weeks away from the big day and if you are anything like me, you have procrastinated heavily on your shopping. If there is someone in your life who likes to get out, get lost, get rad, get caffeinated, or get drunk, we've got you covered. Some of these you might need to buy ASAP to make it in time, and others, you might be able to wait until the very last minute.

Knog Oi Bell - $19.95

This little sucker makes for a great socking stuffer. With it's small size and unassuming yet elegant looks, it blends in with just about every bike out there. Head to your local bike shop, or order one online at Knog!

Anodized Kick Ass Cog - $50

It's right there in the name: these things kick ass. Made in the good ol USA (Asheville specifically), these cogs are going to last longer than just about anything else out there, and will match your bike too. 

HandUp Cold Weather Gloves - $28

These have been a long time coming, or at least it felts like that if you spent your whole cyclocross season racing in Handup's lightweight yet durable gloves. With fleece backing, these jammers should keep your fingers warm all the way through cross nationals!

Essex Custom crewneck sweater - $90

Another durable and warm item for the list...noticing a trend here? This sweater has been my go-to for cool days and nights, and looks nice enough that that I can wear it at work, which can't be said of much of my wardrobe. Get it in black because duh. 

Zeke's Coffee - varies

Zeke's coffee specializes in fair trade and delicious beans that any coffee lover or sleepyhead will be happy to have. If you like a lighter roast, I have been a fan of the Ethiopian Guji all fall. You could gift a single bag, but why limit youself? Get a subscription. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon - depends how much you get!

Amazing: you have made it this far. For the true procrastinators, you can go to your local bodega and get the finest cheap beer around at 11 PM on Christmas eve and probably make Santa's night. We hear reindeer like it too.