The Drop: Hank

The Drop: Hank

Asylum cycles just gets it. Or maybe this is nothing more than a cash-grab capitalizing on borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80s.

Either way, their newest machine, a 650b klunker lookalike  "designed exclusively for good times" and featuring "enhanced skid technology" looks like it would be an absolute blast. I understand suffering builds character, yada yada yada; but at the end of the day, bikes should be fun. If you don't smile at least once in this video, you're doing it wrong:

Also, their copy kills it. To wit:

The main and secondary tubes utilize a revolutionary dual-hemispherical cross-section, resulting in a bike that is both laterally shreddy and vertically siiick. Our broprietary TF-73 bottom bracket interface uses a series of sloped splines, or “threads”, to firmly lock the beefy 73mm wide bottom bracket into place and optimize shredaling dynamics. The 1-⅛” steerer is over 12.5% larger than conventional 1” steerers, resulting in a bike that tracks like Jay Springsteen on a handful of bennies.

And at $450? Sign me up! Learn about this hi-tech stuff here!